Uncover the Chronicles of Time:

Where history unlocks the future

Experience the magic of 8888 devotedly crafted 4K 3D NFTs and a groundbreaking Play2Earn adventure game where you will use our own crafted Tokens. Discover a world where your investment comes alive as you embark on thrilling adventures. Unleash your skills and claim victory to reclaim your initial investment and more.

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    Team MetaRaptors

    <span class="founder"> Co-founder</span>Yves Bettinger

    Co-founderYves Bettinger

    Creative Marketeer
    Specializing in narrative development, copywriting, and content. With an active involvement in establishing and nurturing business connections alongside Potros.
    Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    <span class="founder"> Co-founder</span>Michel van Beek

    Co-founderMichel van Beek

    3D Artist & Web3
    Specialized in delivering the 4K 3D NFT art and (branding) design with an emphasis on pixel-perfect precision. Extending it to Web3 integration, smart contract development, and blockchain implementation. Middelburg, Netherlands - Pune, India
    <span class="founder"> Co-founder</span>Potros Abrahim

    Co-founderPotros Abrahim

    Client relations
    With a keen focus on market trends and a strong commitment to maintaining robust business-client relationships, he seamlessly blend industry expertise and field presence to ensure business success. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    <span class="founder"> Co-founder</span>Marcel Wilschut

    Co-founderMarcel Wilschut

    Crypto and strategic expert
    Prioritizing community and background development by ensuring legitimacy, and transparency. This is in conjunction with strategy and guidelines within the project, both now and in the future. The Haque, The Netherlands
    Geert Jan van den Top

    Geert Jan van den Top

    Motion Artist
    Embodying expertise and commitment to exceptional Motion quality. Creating an artful experience of bringing trailers, teasers, and motion designs to life like never before. Barneveld, The Netherlands
    Julian van den Berg

    Julian van den Berg

    Head Community Manager
    The heart of our vibrant community. With a passion for engagement, he manages our community, curates content, and ensures our platforms thrive with excitement and engagement Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Is this you?

    Is this you?

    Social Media Manager
    Join us as a Social Media Manager, creating content that is engaging our community on social media. Remote and anywhere in the world

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